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Rustic Builds

Our rustic furniture is perfect for all areas, not only do we build our furniture using strong, pressure treated timber we also accomidate for anything you may need it to be used on. Whilst we are best known for our ability to craft superb quality benches, tables, and seats. We have been known to take on projects such as custom floating duck houses, as well as custom sized trellis for garden areas.


A wide majority of our sales, whether they are rustic furniture tables, bird tables or garden ornaments are personalised to fit our customers needs. We do a range of custom changes to our designs from painted ornements to custom sized and fitted rustic furniture. Give us a call if you have any questions about what we can do to fit your needs.


We pride ourselves on knowing that the majority of our product is sold at wholesale prices, meaning we know you wont find this type of quality product for any cheaper.

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